About NetRef

We believe that educators shape the future through their work, and we empower them with the EdTech tools they need to make the future a brighter place.

What is NetRef?

NetRef, a smarter school Internet management tool, eliminates Internet distractions in the classroom. Developed with teachers, NetRef offers easy, one-touch controls that empower educators to control students’ web use — no IT experience needed. NetRef provides timeframes of when students have gone off task, allows teachers to lock down and whitelist web activity, and offers detailed reporting on Internet usage by student, class or school.

The patent-pending approach ensures no individual app downloads are needed. NetRef is truly device independent — it works for all iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows and other Internet-connected devices.

Our Mission

Ensuring a safe environment for the next generation of digital learners to explore, create and grow inspires NetRef. Our mission is to develop outstandingly simple-to-use technology for teachers to help students focus their online activities at school and safely use their devices for learning in class.

Students need Internet boundaries. NetRef builds them. Teachers manage them.

The Team

  • George Dotterer

    CEO, Founder

    Creative engineer at heart, George is a successful entrepreneur and leader with more than 12 years of experience building leading-edge technology companies. George is also an Eagle Scout and in his free time continues to volunteer in Scouting.

  • Andrew Hedges

    Project Manager

    Capitalizing on his engineering and business background, Andrew spearheaded the inception of NetRef and has led the project from its origin as a four-man team to the pilot launch at a local school and commercial viability. In his free time, Andrew enjoys sports, a good glass of bourbon and indie music.

  • Scott Kelly

    Director of Engineering

    Scott leads the NetRef engineering and operations team and has been instrumental in leading NetRef into the education market. In his free time, Scott loves spending time with his three boys.  He enjoys working with them on just about everything, from launching rockets to coaching their basketball and soccer teams.

  • Dave Maschinsky

    User Experience

    Dave focuses on the design of NetRef’s user experience. He has an education in computer science and is passionate about creating software that is friendly to users of all backgrounds.

  • Harrison Parker

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Harrison manages sales, marketing and support for NetRef’s K-12 partnerships. When he’s not working with schools, he can be found fishing, skiing and traveling.

    Connect on LinkedIn

    Email: harrison.parker@net-ref.com

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