Get the Stories Behind Their Screens

You’re outnumbered. Monitor, manage and report on web activity on every student device without peeking over any shoulders.

Keep Students on Task Online

Eliminate internet distractions to enhance student learning.

Real-Time EdTech Management

See how individual students and entire classes are using the internet and web-based tools in real time.

Total Transparency

Easily identify when students are connected to the network (green dot) and when they’re not (gray dot). Get them back on task in a click.

Automated Rule Application

Multiple rule options enable teachers to allow or block access to specific websites for individuals, small groups or classes. Schedule custom rules to apply automatically to every class period.


Create a list of select sites students can access. Use this to lock down browsers during testing and focus learning around specific sites.


Keep the internet wide open while blocking access to a handful of sites you don’t want students to visit. (Netflix, perhaps?)

Detailed Usage Reports

View individual and class usage histories to see how students are using the internet down to the minute. Print reports for student- and parent-teacher conferences.

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Implement NetRef

NetRef can be easily installed as an appliance in BYOD and mixed device environments or is available as a cloud-based solution in districts and schools who have 1:1 Chromebook implementations.

2. Register Devices

Students and/or school staff register in seconds — no device downloads necessary. This process is only done once, and it works on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices of any kind. 1:1 Chromebook schools just log in the same way as they did before NetRef!

3. Manage Your Classroom

Instantly begin monitoring student internet use in your classroom to minimize distractions and maximize learning.

What Teachers Say ...

Florangel Globle

Florangel Globle

With NetRef, I’m able to give my students the freedom that they want with their electronic devices, and at the same time make sure that I’m monitoring them … on task, staying out of trouble.”

Mrs. Florangel Goble, English Teacher
Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High School
Miami, FL

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Mrs. Hannah

Mrs. Hannah

We rarely used computers in my class last year, and it was because of the capacity for misconduct! I never felt like I had peace of mind about allowing students to use them because of some of the sites I knew they were able to visit. Now, with NetRef, I feel like I can use computers again in class!”

Mrs. Hannah, Spanish Teacher
Orangewood Christian School
Maitland, FL

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