Calculate Your EdTech ROI

Is that web-based learning program you purchased
delivering the outcomes you’d hoped for? Is it even being used at all?

Hard Data to Measure EdTech Effectiveness

Quantitate the value of your investments to inform budgeting, vendor negotiations
and instructional improvement based on usage and student outcomes.

Multi-Level Permissions

Separate school and admin panels ensure everyone within the district has access to only the information they need most.

EdTech Visibility

From the dashboard, get a quick glimpse of EdTech use throughout the district and by school site to see which devices and web-based tools are being used and how often.

Usage Reporting

Access reports to determine which websites and applications get the most use and deliver the best results throughout the district, schools and classrooms.

ROI Tracking

Aggregate data into one shared, collaborative document to track EdTech usage, investment, academic impact, and more. Use this to calculate the value of devices and web-based applications.

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Implement NetRef

Add the NetRef appliance to your existing technology infrastructure or push it out as a Chrome extension to all devices.

2. Register Devices

Students enter IDs to register in seconds, no downloads required. Chrome plugin users don’t have to register at all! Push the plugin, import student data, and you’re done.

3. Manage Your EdTech

View usage throughout the district in real time and aggregate data to determine which EdTech delivers value and is worth renewal and which requires re-evaluation.

What Administrators Say …

Andrew Kutt

Andrew Kutt

Keeping students focused and safe while they explore and learn is crucial at Oneness-Family School, where we emphasize discovery without direct instruction and strive to equip students with the skills necessary for navigating the global 21st century. As a small, independent school, we need technological solutions that are affordable and manageable as digital learning expands. We found NetRef’s application to be ideal.”

Mr. Andrew Kutt, Founder and Head of School
Oneness-Family School
Frankfort, IL

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Arica Prado

Arica Prado

Our new investment in NetRef will help our teachers and students maximize the web as an educational and collaborative learning tool.”

Mrs. Arica PradoPrincipal
All Saints Catholic School
Fort Worth, TX
Charlie Cass

Charlie Cass

(NetRef) gave us more direction rather than just blocking. NetRef empowered our educators, allowing us to determine what we wanted students to use. That was a huge upgrade from just filtering our network.”

Mr. Charley Cass, Principal
Central Junior High School
Frankfort, IL

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Get clear insight into EdTech usage to maximize the impact of your investments and inform future spending.

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