Manage Your Network
(and Your Time)

Focus on macro-level network management in 1:1 and
BYOD environments. Hand over micro-level monitoring to teachers.

Make Device Management Easy

Oversee every device in your network while
empowering teachers with classroom-level control.

Simple Controls

Enable teachers to monitor and manage classroom internet access without relying on IT or affecting global school or district internet use.

Captive Portal

Require students, staff and guests to authenticate personal devices to gate access to your network — particularly helpful in BYOD environments.

No-Hassle Integration

Network-based design requires no app installations or device downloads. Students register their devices in seconds, and you’re done!

Complete Oversight

See which school a device is located in, what type of device it is, and to whom it’s registered as it’s in use to enforce your Internet Usage Policy.

Flexible Rules

Classroom-level controls won’t disrupt school or district rules, allowing flexibility with firewalls and filters. Leave YouTube open for students and let teachers block it locally, for example.

Convenient Scheduling

Start students in focus mode at the beginning of every class period. Limit all students to only the educational sites your school pays for, and allow teachers to open access from there.

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Implement NetRef

You’ve got two options: Integrate the NetRef appliance into your existing technology infrastructure or push it out as a cloud-based Chrome plugin.

2. Register Devices

Students register devices in seconds, no downloads required. Chrome plugin users don’t have to register at all! Push the plugin, sync user data, and you’re done.

3. Manage Your Network

Focus on high-level device management while empowering teachers with an easy-to-use tool for managing classroom internet use without affecting school or district-level policies.

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