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Press Release: New NetRef Version Focuses on EdTech ROI Reporting for School Leaders

Press Release: New NetRef Version Focuses on EdTech ROI Reporting for School Leaders

DULLES, Va., April 10, 2018 — NetRef is thrilled to announce its newest version, NetRef 2018. This version includes the biggest year-to- year improvements since the original was released in 2014. NetRef now monitors and manages Internet access on any device in real time and provides school and district reports that reveal exactly which EdTech programs contribute to student learning, distract from it or aren’t being used to their full potential.

“While working with our partner schools and districts, we noticed a need for more effective analytics and reporting that allowed K-12 curriculum and instructional technology directors to uncover the true ROI of their technology  initiatives,” said George Dotterer, CEO and co-founder, Verite Educational Systems. “With curriculum moving mostly online, the internet provides a medium to validate use of programs that wasn’t easily available just 10 – 15 years ago. It just wasn’t feasible to track how much time a school was spending reading a physical textbook. Now, NetRef can provide this usage information across any web-based instructional tool for any subject matter.”

NetRef 2018 has many new features for teachers in addition to the new reports for administrators. A classroom-level blacklist has been added to allow teachers to keep the internet open yet productive by blocking specific distracting sites such as games or social media. The new version also includes a new interface, automated rules, active directory integration, and attendance tracking.

“While we worked hard to add a number of new tools for educators, we spent equally as much time ensuring that NetRef remains an incredibly simple software for anyone to use.” added Dotterer. “Where it previously took two clicks to apply a feature, it now takes just one. We picture administrators using NetRef to see how programs are being used school-by- school, class-by- class and teacher-by-teacher so that they can work with educators to ensure benchmarks are being met.”

Easy to use and integrate, NetRef has successfully expanded to schools in 16 states by helping educators reduce distractions and maximize technology as a teaching tool, with multi-tiered oversight functionality across the school, in the classroom and by student. NetRef operates with all web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Windows along with their respective apps. NetRef is integrated into the school’s network, allowing schools to keep their data on-site and students to register without installation on personal devices.

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NetRef and Verite Educational Systems
Easy to use and integrate, NetRef is a new classroom management tool that helps teachers and students get down to the job of learning by managing access to the internet on any device. Now operating in schools in 16 states, NetRef allows schools to maximize their EdTech investments and empowers teachers to get their classrooms back. Verite Educational Systems is a spin-out of Verite Group, which for more than 14 years has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, tailored tech solutions and managed network infrastructure for government programs and corporations. Visit NetRef online or follow @NetReferee.